Aceves-Cully backs Larne line passengers group

Alliance Party member Elena Aceves-Cully has publicly supported the Larne Line Passengers’ Group, established to press Translink for a quicker and more efficient train service.

Mrs Aceves-Cully attended a public meeting with Translink officials to discuss the matter on 8th November in Belfast. She now believes that rail services on the Larne line will not be equipped with new trains until 2010.

Mrs Aceves-Cully said: “Larne line passengers are being discriminated against with old trains that cannot keep up with the new timetables.

“We urged Translink to review their cleaning arrangements to make sure that all trains are kept clean.

“I also feel that Translink should investigate how a second line of track could be added and whether the Dargan bridge could accommodate that or would need to be widened.

“Most are not suitable for commuters as the services leave at the full or half hour which makes it difficult for workers who do not have flexi-time.

“I also pressed for more park and ride facilities. I mentioned that Larne Borough Council intends to have a recycling area beside Ballycarry Station and for that to happen they would need to get Translink involved. According to Translink it is the Transport Holding Company that deals with park and ride and I intend to contact them.

“We have asked that Translink has a supervisor on the platform who can deal with passengers’ queries if other staff are unavailable. Translink have also said they will investigate the possibility of train tickets being used on buses.

“It all boils down to funding and it is ultimately the government who can provide additional funding for the railway network. I feel that all passengers need to put pressure on the government to take this issue of public transport seriously.”

The Larne line passengers’ group can be contacted via


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