Alderdice: Belfast flag should be considered

Alliance Councillor David Alderdice has said that consideration should be given to a flag for Belfast.

Cllr Alderdice, leader of the Alliance grouping in Belfast City Council, was speaking after Sinn Fein Lord Mayor Alex Maskey installed the Irish flag in the Mayor’s parlour in City Hall.

Cllr Alderdice said: “This is not a major issue. Frankly, there are more important debates in Belfast than what flag flies in a private study out of public view, and this issue has been hyped out of all proportion by unionists.”

“Alex Maskey has not removed the Union flag, but perhaps it is time for the Council to consider a flag for all the people of Belfast to unite behind, so that disputes can be avoided in the future.”

“Unfortunately, politicians have used flags as weapons, not tools, in Northern Ireland. A common symbol could have the potential to alleviate this problem if we can have a meaningful debate on the subject.”


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