Adams statement on criminality ‘meaningless’

Responding to Gerry Adams’ statement that Republicans were opposed to criminal activity, Alliance Leader David Ford said that such statements were meaningless.

David Ford said:

“Leading members of Sinn Fein can repeat the new mantra of their opposition to criminal activity as often as they like, but they are persuading nobody.

“It is time that Sinn Fein clarified their idea of a crime. In fact, it is time that they accepted the definition that everybody else uses.

“Look at the case of Jean McConville. The abduction and murder of a widowed mother is apparently not a crime according to Sinn Fein – because it was carried out by the IRA.

“If Gerry Adams wishes to be taken seriously in condemning crime, Sinn Fein will have to make it clear that he accepts the definition laid down in the law. Republicans will have to be completely clear in assisting the police to catch the murderers of Robert McCartney.

“Until Sinn Fein are prepared to do so, the community will continue to treat their claims of opposition to crime with great cynicism.”

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