A concerted effort needed from all parties if talks are to be successful, says Long

Alliance Leader Naomi Long MLA has said there needs to be a concerted effort from all parties if the latest talks are to be successful.

Mrs Long was speaking ahead of the new phase of talks, scheduled to begin with bilateral discussions with Governments tomorrow.

“There needs to be a concerted effort from all parties in this process, which we have not seen to date, if we are to get the Assembly restored,” she said.

“Alliance has long called for an independent mediator to inject fresh energy into the talks and ensure parties are giving their full endeavours to try and reach a deal. That call should be heeded by the Secretary of State if she wishes to have a successful outcome.

“We recognise every party involved has a mandate which needs addressed but what we need to see now is the will to do that and end the current stand-off, which is completely unsustainable. It is incumbent on every party involved not to erect new barriers to agreement. Our public services, the community and voluntary sector, local businesses and more all need the certainty of a restored Executive and a budget put in place for next year.”

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