Young voters can make a real difference in Northern Ireland

Alliance East Londonderry Representative, Barney Fitzpatrick, at a meeting in the constituency, called on young first time voters to use their vote with real effect and leave tribalism in the past.

Cllr Fitzpatrick said: “Young voters, have the most to gain or lose by the results of the forthcoming Assembly Election, therefore it is important that they use their vote effectively.

“The traditional tribal parties have failed in the past to promote peace and prosperity in the community. The DUP do not even speak to Sinn Fein, so how can anyone have any confidence in them running a coherent government?

“It is important that Northern Ireland has a stable government and a community at peace with itself, so that much needed inward investment can be attracted to provide jobs and the economic development necessary for a great future. A future, which can be both prosperous and environmentally sustainable for everyone.

“People have the opportunity on 7th March to vote for the only alternative to tribalism – Alliance.

“Young people are facing many problems including the cost of education, lack of employment opportunities and the rising cost of housing. You have the right to expect elected public representatives to give these problems the attention they deserve rather than concentrating on tribalism.

“Only by using your vote can ensure that your voice is really heard.”


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