Young Unionists must apply pressure to end UVF link

Young Alliance Chairperson Cllr Ian James Parsley has reacted to an Ulster Unionist review of its Assembly link-up to the PUP by saying that Young Unionists will be judged on whether or not they apply pressure to end the link.

Cllr Parsley stated: “In response to the latest threats against a journalist by the organization to whose representatives their party is linked in the Assembly, Young Unionists were once again conspicuous by their utter silence.

“Perhaps Young Unionists are opposed to freedom of the press?

“The fact is they will be judged throughout their political careers by their stance at this time. Are they prepared to recognize that the real leaders of Loyalism are those who oppose violence and gangsterism, or are they going to continue to allow their party to act as a mouthpiece for those who excuse it?

“Now that the Ulster Unionist Party seems to be reviewing its link with the PUP, Young Unionists must be clear and open about where they stand on this opportunist, failed strategy.”


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