You cannot put a price on equality and acceptance, says Tennyson

Alliance councillor Eóin Tennyson has said you cannot put a price on equality and acceptance, following a decision by ABC Council not to participate in the Belfast Pride parade this year.

The comments came after the DUP and UUP voted against allowing the Council to have a corporate presence at this year’s Belfast Pride parade – a move which Eóin described as “incredibly disappointing”.

He added: “This would have been a small, but incredibly significant gesture of support for the LGBTQ+ community in our borough but particularly for LGBT members of staff within the Council.

“Some councillors cited the cost of participation – a mere £500 – as their reason for voting against this proposal. However, you simply can’t put a price on equality and acceptance.

“It is particularly disappointing that the Ulster Unionists chose to vote this way, despite their leader Robin Swann stating just last month that their party would not stand for intolerance while addressing the PinkNews summer reception.

“Sadly, this support for the LGBT community was lacking at Council last night and I would ask all of those councillors who voted against to consider the message their decisions sends to LGBT people, their families and friends.”