World Mental Health Day an important date for all – Armitage

Alliance Councillor David Armitage has called for observance of World Mental Health Day in recognition of the impact of mental health issues on so many families.

Councillor Armitage said: “Mental health issues come in all shapes and sizes and impact not just on the individual, but their immediate families also. It is vital that citizens are aware of how they can provide support for people with mental illnesses, creating a community with their needs at the centre and supporting groups working in the mental health field.

“At the last meeting of Belfast City Council, I proposed that the Council undertakes to provide appropriate training for staff so they can provide this support, while also ensuring that the needs of the mentally ill are met through all the decisions taken by the Council.

“In addition, I proposed that the Council agrees to write to the Health Minister calling for the introduction of a champion for the mentally ill. As a politician who has suffered with depression, I am committed to ensuring mental health is talked about openly and dealt with sensitively, but effectively, for the benefit of all.”

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