Workplaces must gear up to stub out smoking in three weeks time

With only three weeks to go until the smoking ban is introduced, Alliance Health Spokesperson Kieran McCarthy MLA stated that the countdown is on for local businesses to get ready for the change. He stated that workplaces should get assistance from council enforcement officers to help them adapt for the ban.

Kieran McCarthy said:”It is vitally important that local businesses are up to speed on the requirements following the smoking ban in three weeks time.

“They have a duty of enforcement in their own surroundings and should be aware of protocol to deal with people not following the legislation.

“Some businesses may feel that this move places an extra burden on them; however, the benefits of the ban are very clear. The health of employees will be protected and it will also assist people who are trying to quit smoking.

“In my own area, Ards Council have employed a officer to help businesses and workplaces adapt and enforce the smoking ban. Local businesses should avail of this service and contact their local enforcement officer if they have any worries over the changes in the law.

“There can be no excuses come the 30 April. Local people deserve a workplace that is free from health risks.”


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