Wilson repeats call for Bangor crossing

Alliance Councillor Scott Wilson has repeated his call for a crossing to be installed on a major local road.

The Bangor West representative called on Transport NI to create the crossing on the Belfast Road, stating the road was “extremely busy and dangerous to cross”.

“Many residents from Silverstream, Elmwood, Shaftsbury and other nearby areas need to cross this road on a regular basis, and the speed and volume of traffic makes it difficult. There are also a lot of cars that park on both sides of the road, making limited visibility a major safety factor.

“When Transport NI has previously committed to carrying out a survey, I feel a crossing should have been installed a long time ago.

“As well as meeting local residents, I have written to Transport NI on numerous occasions over the past two years stressing the need for this crossing. I really hope that something is done before someone is seriously injured or killed.”

Councillor Wilson is pictured on the Belfast Road with Elmwood residents Rebekah Mayne and her nine-year-old daughter Logan Scott-Mayne.
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