Wilson: Department’s response to bridge strikes is ‘underwhelming’

Alliance Councillor Scott Wilson has criticised the Department of Infrastructure’s response to concerns over bridge strikes on the Ballysallagh Road as ‘underwhelming’.

The Bangor West Councillor was speaking after correspondence revealed the Department was more set on blaming “driver error” for a number of bridge strikes – arguing they had taken all preventative measures available.

“Simply put, that response is not good enough,” Councillor Scott Wilson said, adding: “Rather than passing the blame to others, the Department must shoulder its share of responsibility going forward.

“While I recognise drivers do have a responsibility, that does not mean the duty of public bodies should begin and end at complying fully with legislation and ticking the right boxes – especially as bridge strike incidents have a larger impact on the community in the aftermath.

“Yes, there is signage present, but as bridge strikes are continuing to occur everything points to it not being effective enough. Likewise, drivers must be aware of the limitations of their vehicles. A collaborative approach will address all these issues.

“I will be putting on record my disappointment at such an underwhelming response from the Department and will continue to work with my Alliance colleagues to ensure bridge strikes at this location are placed firmly in the past.”

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