Why is SDLP raising Spectre of Border Poll? Alliance

Alliance Party Candidate and Deputy Leader Eileen Bell has questioned why the SDLP are raising the issue of a border poll during the next Assembly while at the same time trying to campaign for partnership government in Northern Ireland.

Mrs Bell stated:

“A border poll is the most divisive issue in local politics. It is the last thing that we need at this time.

“This election should not be about the constitutional status of Northern Ireland but rather how we can at long last create a genuine partnership government.

“The SDLP are on the one hand trying to present themselves as all things to all people, and are desperately scrambling around for transfers, but on the other hand they are trying to turn the election to another sectarian headcount.

“There is no need for a border poll to be held at this time. The Secretary of State need only move to call one if there is evidence of a demand for a change.”

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