What is holding up progress on Education and Skills Authority?

Alliance Education Spokesperson Trevor Lunn MLA has said that failure to move forward with the Education and Skills Authority urgently would be a disgrace and would represent a massive missed opportunity to reform education governance. He questioned why, after the indications were that progress could be made, nothing has happened.

Trevor Lunn MLA said: “It is imperative that we start the process of the establishment of the Education and Skills Authority. Failure to make progress on the Education and Skills Authority would be a disgrace. We need to streamline governance and see how we can deliver more value for money in our education system.

“This process stalled in the last Assembly term, but the indications were that progress could be made now, however nothing has happened. What is the cause of this latest delay? People deserve to know what the problem is so that we can set about resolving the issue and implementing ESA.

“This is an open goal for education. There can be no excuse for parties failing to agree on a way forward.

“We are facing very tough times in relation to our public finances and implementing ESA would help us face these challenges with renewed confidence.

“The creation of an Education and Skills Authority presents massive opportunities for savings and could also provide much scope for working towards having more shared and integrated schooling to help address division in education.”


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