Western Trust abortion announcement shows Secretary of State intervention now urgent, says Bradshaw

Paula Bradshaw MLA has said the Western Trust’s decision to suspend their early medical abortion service justifies the intervention of the Secretary of State to ensure the law is upheld and services are provided.

The Trust said it would stop accepting referrals for early medical abortion services from 5pm today (Friday).

“The suspension of the early medical abortion service by the Western Trust merely demonstrates the failure of the health authorities to provide adequate resources towards the implementation of the law in Northern Ireland,” said Ms Bradshaw.

“It is unacceptable one year after regulations took effect, services are, if anything, being cut back.

“We cannot continue with a stop-start provision of healthcare to women. This is exactly why the Secretary of State has to intervene to ensure the statutory duty in law is upheld to implement the regulations as they stand, and ensure universal access to healthcare and support across Northern Ireland.”