Webb will work to lower rates through recycling and tackling division

Andrew Webb, vice chair of the Alliance Party’s East Belfast Association and Victoria area Representative, has pledged to do everything he can to try and decrease rates in Belfast City Council through increasing recycling levels and tackle the money wasted on segregation through the duplication of services

Andrew Webb said: “These are exceptionally difficult times for families and business owners. If elected I will do everything in my power to be radical and try to decrease rates. I will look at new ways to encourage recycling through campaigns and incentives. This will not only help protect the environment but help save the cash spent on landfill.

“I know of many businesses and families that have had to reduce their costs to make ends meet. Belfast City Council needs to do the same by targeting segregation and saving the cash wasted on the duplication of services. Cutting out segregation and duplicated services will not only deliver more value, it will also help improve community relations.

“If elected to Council in May, I will work to ensure maximum value for money in everything that Council spends.”


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