Webb motion on Belfast air route passed at Belfast Council

Alliance Belfast Victoria Councillor Andrew Webb has proposed a motion at Belfast Council that gained support across the chamber, calling on the Northern Ireland Secretary of State to seek assurances from the purchasers of BMI that landing slots from Belfast to Heathrow will be kept open.

Cllr Andrew Webb said: “The Belfast to Heathrow route is extremely important particularly in terms of business. But it is also important to enable travellers to access connecting flights to right around the world from the world’s largest airport.

“Connectivity is a key element of our future economic success and I welcome recent moves in relation to Air Passenger Duty. I would urge the Secretary of State to ensure that part of the Heathrow landing slots are reserved for regional flights.

“If we are to make Northern Ireland as business friendly as possible then we must make we are connected to international hubs.

“I was glad that my motion gained unanimous support. This delivers a clear message of the importance of this issue for Belfast Council. I hope that we will get a positive response from the Secretary of State and hopefully a good result for Northern Ireland.”

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