Webb criticises Nesbitt over Unionist pact comments

Alliance Party President, Cllr Billy Webb, has criticised the UUP Leader Mike Nesbitt for indicating that he would support a unionist voting pact over transfers in the coming elections if other unionist parties agreed to such a deal. Mr Nesbitt was speaking at his Party’s AGM on Saturday.

Cllr Billy Webb said:”I am not surprised that the UUP are again getting themselves involved in dirty little tribal pacts. This is a very negative move by the UUP. It appears that they are more interested in a tribal headcount rather than debating the important issues like health and education.

“The public do not like being told who to vote for. This type of pact undermines democracy.

“However, what it does say to the public is that the UUP are very worried about the coming elections and will be in desperate need of transfers to get their candidates elected. This is not the strong, confident leadership that Mike Nesbitt promised he would deliver when he became leader two years ago.”


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