We must be united in fighting for Bombardier, says Long

Councillor Michael Long has said the Alliance Party continues to work at the highest levels to protect jobs at Bombardier, during a debate at Belfast City Council on Monday night.

The first meeting since the preliminary ruling by the US Department of Commerce, Councillor Long said all voices must be united as we work to secure our economy for generations to come.

He added: “While this was only a preliminary ruling, work is continuing to secure the future of Bombardier in Belfast and all businesses linked to it across Northern Ireland.

“We can all agree this was an astounding ruling and one that could have severe implications for the economy in Northern Ireland. Alliance has welcomed the Prime Minister’s commitment to work with Bombardier to protect jobs and Alliance continues to correspond with the US, UK and Canadian Governments as we try to resolve this extremely serious issue.

“Many of us have constituents, friends and family employed by Bombardier and while we must do everything we can, we must also be aware of scaremongering. Yes, this is a worrying development, but we must remember it is only a preliminary ruling, put party differences aside and work together to ensure this doesn’t become reality.”

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