We have worst water in UK because billions of pounds have been wasted on segregation

Alliance Party Assembly Member Kieran McCarthy has stated that Northern Ireland has the worst water quality in the UK because for decades billions of pounds have been wasted on segregation instead of providing good quality public services for local people. Minister David Cairns is using the figures on water quality which were published today to strengthen their case for an unfair tap tax.

Strangford Assembly Member, Kieran McCarthy said: “If the billions wasted on reinforcing division in Northern Ireland had been spent on improving water infrastructure, we would not have the worst water in the UK.

“One billion pounds every year is wasted every year on dividing Northern Ireland along sectarian lines. If one integrated primary school replaced the two segregated primary schools in each small town across Northern Ireland, we would save hundreds of millions of pounds each year alone.

“The government is using today’s findings about water quality to bolster their case for unjust water charges. Water charges are an unfair penalty that the government expects local people to pay because so little money was spent on infrastructure during the decades of direct rule.

“Water charges will hit older people and those on low incomes very hard. Alliance has the solution to the rates and tap tax crisis. We would scrap rates hikes and tap tax and introduce a fair local income tax. This income tax would be based on people’s ability to pay and would be a fair deal for everyone.”


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