We all have a responsibility to protect the environment – Ford

Alliance’s spokesperson on the Environment, David Ford MLA, has said that everyone has a responsibility to value and protect our environment.

Mr Ford was speaking at the start of the second Northern Ireland Environment Week, which is designed to raise awareness of environmental issues.

David Ford said: “Environmental issues impact on all our lives every day. A healthy environment is essential for our personal wellbeing and economic prosperity. The environment belongs to us all, not just those who have a responsibility for safeguarding it. Every citizen has a critical role to play in protecting our environment for today, and also for the benefit of future generations.

“As a party, Alliance is strongly environmentalist. It is clear that climate change is happening, that humanity is responsible but also that we have the capacity to address this very serious danger. We recognise that failing to tackle climate change will hurt our economy and one of the best ways to do this is through investment in renewable energy and energy efficiency.

“At a local level, we believe the creation of an independent Environmental Protection Agency with strong powers of regulation will be a better deterrent against polluters. We also believe in a rebalancing of transport investment away from roads into better public transport services.

“Alliance representatives, at all levels, have always been strong supporters of environmental issues and priorities. I encourage all our citizens to fully participate in playing an active role in protecting this essential ingredient in our lives.”

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