Victims Campaigner Alan McBride throws his weight behind Alliance

Leading victims campaigner Alan McBride has called on people to vote Alliance saying they are the party of a shared future. He said he wants to see Alliance’s Billy Webb being elected to the Assembly by the people of North Belfast.

Alan McBride said: “I strongly support Alliance’s Billy Webb in his election campaign and I hope that he gains a seat in the Assembly. I also support the rest of the North Belfast Alliance team in David McKechnie, James McClure and Mark Long, who are standing for Belfast City Council. North Belfast has been blighted by sectarian division for far too long, so it is time for a new kind of politics. In my view the Alliance Party offers this, demonstrated by a proven track record both within the Assembly and at local council level. Other parties merely pay lip service to the notion of a shared future, whilst continuing to operate out of an ‘us’ and ‘them’ mindset, which reinforces the status quo and does nothing to tackle the division that cost this society big time.

“Northern Ireland has come a long way since the Good Friday Agreement in 1998, but we still have some way to go before we realise the kind of shared society that people like myself voted for. I believe it’s time for a change, so that sharing and integration replace the ‘us’ and ‘them’ mentality that has dominated the political landscape for years. There is much more to be gained from working together than standing apart, and more to be saved too, especially in these days of austerity cuts. The Alliance Party is the party of ‘Shared Future’ and I would urge people to vote for them on 5 May.”


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