Victims and exiles being treated abominably – Bell

Alliance Deputy Leader Eileen Bell MLA has labelled the politicization of the “on-the-runs” issue a disgrace, and said that victims, survivors and exiles were being treated abominably by all sides at the centre of the legislation.

Mrs Bell, the party’s equality spokesperson, stated: “Victims, survivors and the families of innocent exiles are rightly extremely angry about the way they are being treated within the whole ‘on-the-run’ debate.

“For any political party to make out it is somehow the victim of this process is frankly disgusting. The real issue is the feelings of those who suffered as the result of the atrocities committed by the ‘on-the-runs’ -and those feelings are being overridden for cheap political gain.

“Groups representing victims and exiles have lost all faith in the Government and it is easy to see why. How can it be that the Government is shaken by a political party’s withdrawal of support for this legislation, but not by the fact that support for it never existed in the first place from victims, survivors and exiles.

“The Government is guilty beyond all doubt of putting political carve-up before the basic needs and rights of victims, who are being treated abominably. It must now act immediately to explain how it will address victims’ concern, and abandon this shoddy piece of legislation on victims’ and exiles’ behalf, nobody else’s.”


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