UVF must stop ‘community terrorism’: Bell

Condemning the murder of Ballyclare man John Allen, Eileen Bell, the party’s Victims Spokesperson, stated:

“David Ervine was today questioning where we all go from here in another empty ‘feel my pain’ statement. The vast majority of people in Northern Ireland know where they want the PUP and their friends in the UVF to go.

“They want an end to all paramilitarism and they want stability. The rest of us are working for peace and are fed up waiting for terrorists to play catch-up.

“After years of sectarian murders, loyalist paramilitaries have simply become parasites living off their own communities. The biggest threat to Protestants in Northern Ireland today is not from the IRA, but from the enemy within their own community.

“The sooner the UVF and UDA stop their ‘community terrorism’, the sooner we can get devolution back to Northern Ireland.”

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