UUP should do the right thing and end PUP link now – Alliance

Alliance Party Spokesperson, Tom Campbell, has welcomed the fact that Ulster Unionists are reviewing their link with the PUP; however he has said that it should be severed as a matter of urgency.

The Newtownabbey Councillor said: “The Ulster Unionists should end links with the representatives of loyalist paramilitary organisations now.

“I welcome the Ulster Unionist’s decision to review their link with the PUP. However, the UUP must act now rather than wait on another UVF related-incident before they decide to break the link.

“If they are going to break the link they should do so as a matter of principle, not merely as a face-saving exercise.

“The Ulster Unionists cannot afford to wait until another UVF related incident takes place before they end the deal.

“In recent times we have seen the UVF’s murder attempt on Mark Haddock and the issuing of a UVF death threat to a Sunday World journalist.”

Cllr Tom Campbell concluded: “By letting this link continue, the Ulster Unionists are endorsing the PUP and those that they represent, the UVF. The UUP must take action, and must act now as opposed to letting future events dictate their actions.”


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