UUP response on their repeat motion further underlines their incompetence

Following the Ulster Unionists’ response on their word-for-word copy Assembly motion, Alliance Chief Whip Kieran McCarthy MLA stated that the UUP have shown real incompetence and a lack of regard for the issue of fuel poverty.

Kieran McCarthy MLA said: “If Roy Beggs had genuinely intended to highlight the issue of fuel poverty he should have come up with a competent new motion instead of rehashing exactly the same one that we all backed already on 29 May.

“Fuel poverty is an extremely important issue, and if the Ulster Unionists had any real regard for tackling the matter they would have put forward a fresh angle on the debate. This parrot-like repetition of the previous motion doesn’t do the campaign to stop this problem any justice whatsoever.

“This was quite clearly incompetence on the Ulster Unionists’ part and they are foolishly trying to attack others to cover up their own mistake.”


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