UUP Out of Touch on Justice says Alliance

Responding to the decision of the UUP Assembly Party not to support the devolution of policing and justice in Tuesday’s Assembly vote, Alliance Party Justice Spokesperson, Stephen Farry stated

“The UUP Assembly Group is badly out of touch with the community as a whole, and indeed their own electorate. They are also badly out of step with the stated position of David Cameron and their Conservative partners. Reg Empey seems intent in moving the UUP to the right of the DUP.

“Alliance agrees that the Executive has been dysfunctional. However, we are clear that the devolution of policing and justice is a necessary part of efforts to bring stability and to provide the opportunity for good governance. In fact, the UUP strategy, if followed by others, would not resolve the outstanding issues but rather see the collapse of the institutions and the return of Direct Rule.”


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