UUP motion highlights total failure of Executive to get down to work

Alliance Party Chief Whip Kieran McCarthy has stated that today’s UUP Assembly motion on Executive business has underlined the failure of the Executive to deliver new laws, make important decisions or plan for the future.

Kieran McCarthy MLA said: “Today’s Assembly motion from the Ulster Unionists gave us a chance to see how little work the Executive has done, and how little they plan to do.

“The Executive have already run scared from tackling vitally important matters like the classroom assistants’ dispute and appointing a Victims’ Commissioner. They also put-off making another massive decision relating to the replacement of the 11 plus.

“I was quite surprised that the UUP proposed this motion, because their party leader is on the Executive, and I am sure that they would not want to highlight its lack of work and direction.

“The Ulster Unionists like to think that they can act as a form of opposition within the Assembly. This is ludicrous given that they have two Ministers in government. Today’s debate however, gave Alliance, the real opposition, the chance to haul Ministers over the coals for their lack of action and fresh ideas.

“It is mid-October and we have still seen no sign of the Programme for Government, let alone a budget. I thank the Ulster Unionists for this opportunity for us to put forward the valid concerns of local people that this administration is about delay, instead of delivery.”


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