UUP has realised importance of transparency, says McReynolds

Alliance Councillor Peter McReynolds has said he’s glad the Ulster Unionist Party in Belfast City Hall has finally realised the importance of openness and transparency, adding they now appear willing to back the Alliance Party’s campaign.

Speaking as the Alliance Party’s calls for the Council’s area working groups to be audio recorded became a reality, Councillor McReynolds said he was ‘surprised’ Councillor Jim Rodgers had vigorously voted down the proposals, especially given his new found interest in transparency.

Councillor Peter McReynolds said: “I’m delighted the Alliance Party’s calls for the area working groups to be recorded will now happen going forward. These groups are an important part of our decision making process, with over £4.6 million of ratepayers’ money allocated since their creation, so it is only right that they should be fully open to public scrutiny.

“It’s great to see the Ulster Unionist Party – and in particular Councillor Jim Rodgers – back Alliance in our quest to ensure full transparency on all aspects of Council life.

“Only a matter of weeks ago he was against this move, but obviously Jim has listened to what the Alliance Party has to say and has not only decided to back us, but to take the next steps alongside us in securing the audio recording of all Council group meetings.”

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