Unlocking Our Creative Block

Alliance Arts Spokesperson, Yvonne Boyle, has called upon Government to break down the barriers preventing Northern Ireland from exploiting creativity and innovation

Ms Boyle said: “Enterprise is curtailed here because of a suspicion of creativity and our risk-averse attitudes. Any strategy to develop a knowledge-based economy will need to address these and other barriers.”

In endorsing the draft action plan, ‘Unlocking Creativity’, Yvonne Boyle also cautioned against the Department of Culture, Arts and Leisure ignoring the role that creativity can play in promoting cultural diversity and transforming our divided society.

Ms Boyle said: “Alliance believes that the curriculum can be used to promote cultural education. For example, future citizenship classes could be used to address cultural diversity in our society. The integrated school sector provides a useful model.

“The original consultation document highlighted how creativity can address social exclusion and target social need, yet there are no direct actions listed in the Department’s draft plan. Considering the positive experience in the Republic of Ireland in this regard, this is regrettable.”


In 2000, DCAL published for consultation, “Unlocking Creativity: A Strategy for Development”. Results were published in 2001. In March 2003, DCAL held a conference to consider how to renew the strategy. The advice given was to create a new set of medium-term actions. “Unlocking Creativity: Draft Action Plan” is the result, published in January 2004.

See policy in full at: www.allianceparty.org/showconsultation.asp?id=17

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