Unions must ensure teaching hours are spent in schools – Lawther

Alliance Party Spokesperson Alan Lawther has said that most teachers see taking time off for weddings during term time is unacceptable, and called on unions to make that position clear.

Responding to a report that 1,000 teaching days are lost each year due to teachers having weddings during term time, the Antrim Councillor stated: “As a former teacher myself, I know that most teachers frown upon time taken off for weddings in term time.

“This party has long been arguing for pay rises for teachers to recognize their hard work and bring pay into line with Great Britain. That case is severely weakened, however, if a minority of teachers are not prepared to put in the work during term time. It does not gain any sympathy from parents, governors or tax payers.

“Unions should do their job and recognize that parents have every right to expect full commitment of teachers during term time, and that the vast majority in the profession have no difficulty with that.”


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