Unionist support for Brexit threatens our institutions, says Ford

Alliance South Antrim candidate David Ford has said unionists have put our current political system at risk by not backing an amendment to the Brexit bill which would have supported the Good Friday Agreement (GFA).

The proposal would have seen the UK Government take onboard the GFA during Brexit negotiations. However, it was defeated by 327 votes to 288, thanks to backing from the DUP and UUP MPs. The Bill will now move to the House of Lords.

“The vote against this amendment is deeply worrying as it leaves our institutions without protection as the exit process gets underway,” said Mr Ford.

“I am particularly concerned Ulster Unionist Party MPs voted against the amendment, considering the role of their party in putting the GFA together, and that one MP was on the Remain side.

“This vote now puts the institutions established by the GFA, including the cross-border bodies, in a position of uncertainty. We need to have recognition of the special circumstances in Northern Ireland and guarantees put in place.”
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