UK Government implementation of Brexit incompetent and humiliating, says Farry

The UK Government’s implementation of Brexit has been “incompetent and humiliating,” Alliance Brexit spokesperson Stephen Farry MLA has said.

Dr Farry was speaking after a meeting of the European Council, whose President Donald Tusk said if the Prime Minister’s Withdrawal Agreement achieves the backing of Parliament, the date of Brexit will be pushed back to May 22. However, if that doesn’t happen, the UK Government will have to propose a way forward by April 12 to avoid a no deal scenario.

“Brexit is an entirely flawed and self-defeating concept but the UK Government’s implementation has been incompetent and humiliating,” said Dr Farry.

“The European Council has essentially had to intervene to provide some structure and breathing space for the UK Government and Parliament to take clear and long overdue decisions, and to avoid an immediate cliff-edge no deal outcome.

“For Alliance, the most coherent and democratic option is to have a People’s Vote and ask the EU for a longer extension before April 12. An alternative way forward is to modify the Political Declaration to telegraph a softer version of Brexit.

“If neither of those is viable, then the bottom line remains this Withdrawal Agreement with the current backstop.”
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