Two years of devolution but little to celebrate – Ford

On the second anniversary of the return of devolution, Alliance Leader David Ford MLA said that the Stormont Executive has had very little positive impact on local people’s lives. He said that the Executive had failed to deliver on our economy, on a shared future, on the environment and on post-primary transfer.

David Ford said: “This is the second anniversary of the return of devolution but there is little to celebrate. The Stormont Executive has failed to deliver on a wide range of issues including the economy, the environment, post-primary transfer and tackling segregation.

“No-one will be holding street parties to mark this two-year anniversary. For a start, this period was marred by the five-month stalemate during which no real work was done by the Executive.

“The Executive should be ashamed that they have virtually ignored the need to end division in our society.

“We also hear of major redundancies on a worryingly regular basis, yet no strategy has been produced to boost the green economy and use sustainability to help businesses and reduce energy bills.

“Chaos still exists on post-primary transfer. Parents, teachers and pupils now face a multitude of tests and more sleepless nights ahead.

“It’s time that we saw some tough but necessary decisions being made within the Executive because their cheap populism could cost Northern Ireland for years to come.”


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