Two Alliance MPs will be able to represent positive, progressive and pro-European politics for Northern Ireland, says Long

Two Alliance MPs would be able to showcase positive, progressive and pro-European politics for Northern Ireland at Westminster, Naomi Long has said.

The Alliance Leader was speaking as the party launched its manifesto in East Belfast today (Wednesday). The document, entitled Change Direction, outlines key commitments from Alliance, relating to areas including Brexit, transparency and jobs.

Mrs Long said the election offered a real opportunity for the party to elect two MPs, which would help society move away from the politics of division and towards politics which celebrated diversity and offered hope.

“Alliance has a real chance to be successful at this election in both East and South Belfast. The party was only defeated in East Belfast at the last election thanks to a five-party pact, while we were just 700 votes behind in South Belfast at the most recent poll.

“By electing two MPs, Alliance can have a real say in delivering what this manifesto promises -positive, progressive and pro-European politics. It contains key commitments to help achieve that in areas such as Brexit, ending deadlock, achieving open government, creating jobs and services, and having progressive politics.

“The Change Direction manifesto shows people it is a chance to do precisely that – change the direction of travel for our society with hardworking, progressive Alliance MPs who will have constructive engagements with Europe and the world. This election gives a real chance to send two to Westminster to represent Alliance and wider society in just that manner.”

Alliance’s 2017 General Election manifesto is available here.

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