Tsvangirai Belfast host condemns despicable threats

Alliance Party leader David Ford MLA, who hosted Morgan Tsvangirai at the Liberal International Congress in Belfast yesterday, has condemned assassination threats to Mr Tsvangirai as a despicable attack on democracy. These threats have prevented Mr Tsvangirai from returning to Zimbabwe to begin campaigning for the presidential run off election.

The Alliance Party of Northern Ireland leader said: “These threats are totally abhorrent and they are a despicable attack on democracy. Zimbabwe deserves a fair election and Morgan Tsvangirai deserves to be able to return to his country in safety.

“The Alliance Party hosted the Liberal International Congress which Morgan Tsvanirai attended yesterday. It was a tremendous honour that such a shining example of hope and freedom came to Belfast to be alongside us.

“We in Northern Ireland have witnessed years of violence that has scared our country, so let us hope that Zimbabwe can be pulled back from the brink and Morgan Tsvangirai is the only man that can do that.

“I sincerely hope that Mr Tsvangirai is able to return to Zimbabwe and is able to begin campaigning in the presidential run off election as son as possible. The overwhelming majority of people in Zimbabwe want Morgan Tsvangirai as their President and for the good of their country let us hope that he gains this post swiftly.”


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