Trump victory shows greater need for strong European relations – Farry

Alliance Brexit spokesperson Stephen Farry has said that given the uncertainty following the election of Donald Trump, there is a greater need for strong relations amongst European nations.

Stephen Farry said: “We have just witnessed one of the most divisive US election campaigns, with greater uncertainty than at any time since the end of World War II, in terms of the US commitment to the international system, international norms and values, and towards European allies.

“In this context, there is both a greater opportunity and indeed necessity for the European Union to provide that global leadership, and in particular to articulate and defend democracy, human rights and respect for the rule of law. But to achieve this, we need to see a united Europe and an EU that can face down its own challenges from the far right.

“As the UK Government contemplates triggering Article 50, a hard Brexit, or even any Brexit at all, seems to be particularly self-defeating. The UK should seek to maintain strong relations with the United States, but should also be prepared to become a critical friend. This is best delivered through the UK, alongside Germany and other European states, working in partnership through a reformed European Union.”

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