Trimble has significant place in history: Ford

David Ford, Leader of Alliance, has praised the role of David Trimble in moving unionism forward and in negotiating the Good Friday Agreement.

Speaking after Mr Trimble announced his resignation as UUP leader, David Ford said:

“Alliance has had many differences with the Ulster Unionists, and with Mr Trimble in particular, in recent years.

“Today, however, it is only fitting to pay tribute to what Mr Trimble did achieve for the people of Northern Ireland.

“After the moribund years of the 80s and early 90s, David Trimble had the vision and the political courage to lead his party, and a large section of this community, to reaching the Good Friday Agreement. That was truly historic.

“It is a tribute to Mr Trimble’s work that even the DUP has now accepted the Agreement in all but name. In time, I believe that David Trimble’s

contribution to Northern Ireland will be widely recognised.”


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