Tribal politicians have let public down over integrated education – Alliance

Alliance Party Deputy Leader, Naomi Long MLA, has hit out at tribal politicians in Northern Ireland for not listening to the public’s call for more integrated schools. Her comments follow today’s publication of a Milward Brown Ulster survey stating that 80% of people in Northern Ireland would like to see their local politicians support integrated education. Naomi Long claimed that the recent refusal of the Preparation for Government Committee to endorse an Alliance proposal backing shared schooling, shows how out of touch many local politicians are.

The East Belfast Assembly Member said: “Only two weeks ago, in the Preparation for Government Committee, Alliance put forward a proposal that people should aspire to a single shared schooling system here. Unfortunately, this motion was not passed, and this shows that tribal politicians here are not in tune with the public whatsoever.

“This survey shows the widespread public support for integrated education in Northern Ireland, yet politicians here continue to ignore the public on this issue.

“These findings also endorse the need for government to help build a shared future in Northern Ireland to create a stable society.

“Segregation costs Northern Ireland £1 billion per year. What a waste of money. Why should two schools be provided to pander to those that want a divided society, when having only one school will help end segregation and deliver value for money.

“People in Northern Ireland want to see the creation of more integrated schools, therefore the government must sit up and take notice. Integrated education is over subscribed here, so the government must provide more places to meet the high level of demand.”


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