Treasury funding for Northern Ireland must be real – Alliance

Alliance Economy Spokesperson, Tom Ekin, has stated that any peace dividend funding to be discussed in London with the Chancellor next week must be real, and must not merely come from money taken from Northern Ireland taxpayers. His comments come following reports that the provisions of cash from the Treasury for Northern Ireland will be of paramount importance in sealing any devolution deal.

The Former Belfast Lord Mayor said: “Any peace dividend from the Treasury must be real. It should not be taken by the Treasury from local taxpayers, then given back to Northern Ireland.

“Alliance will not tolerate any sleight of hand on the peace dividend. Any cash boost must be genuine, not just a treasury accountancy trick.

“Unfortunately, it looks like any funding delivered by London will be paid for right here in Northern Ireland.

“Those suffering rates hikes and tap tax should not be hit with further ludicrous costs. The treasury must make up this peace money themselves.

“The treasury must find a way to give Northern Ireland a real cash boost by making more money available to create more jobs, improve local infrastructure and give us better health services.

“It is also time Northern Ireland stopped wasting money by stopping segregation.

“There is no sense throwing money at existing problems if no-one will solve outstanding issues. History has proven that throwing money a problem will not solve it.

“Segregation costs Northern Ireland taxpayers £1 billion per year. Why should two schools or two leisure centres be provided in towns, to pander to those that want a divided society, when having only one school or leisure centre will stop segregation and save cash.”


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