Transformation of health service must be brought forward urgently, says Bradshaw

Alliance Health spokesperson Paula Bradshaw MLA Northern Ireland needs to see the introduction of smarter ways of treating patients, as it was revealed antibiotic use is higher here than the rest of the UK.

She said: “During my recent round of engaging with the five Health Trusts and Department of Health, it is recognised that action is required to reduce the number and nature of drugs and treatments prescribed by GPs. This report of the Chief Medical Officer backs up the need for the introduction of smarter ways of treating patients.

“The Alliance Party is keen to see the transformation of the health service brought forward as quickly as possible. The sooner we see multi-disciplinary teams operating at primary care level, the better; as they will ensure that patients have access to their GP and or other allied health professionals, for example a prescribing pharmacist, who can ensure that the more effective treatment is given.”

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