Time to stop whining and start fulfilling obligations

Alliance Leader David Ford has said other political leaders in Northern Ireland must stop complaining and deliver the leadership required to make sure all sides meet their obligations.

Responding to comments criticizing American involvement in Northern Ireland’s political process, David Ford stated: “Dr Reiss and his US Government colleagues have acted throughout in an entirely honourable way. They have always supported the process and engaged constructively with those prepared for progress. It is a pity that all too often the same cannot be said for Northern Ireland’s own political leaders.

“The Americans are entirely right to stand up to those who have not fulfilled their obligations, whether Unionist or Nationalist. In this context, Dr Reiss has called it as he has seen it. Indeed, he has gone well beyond the call of duty by engaging directly with voluntary sector

bodies and community groups determined to promote integration of our society for the benefit of everyone in the future.

“People must stop the blame game. It is not good enough to blame the other ‘side’, blame the Americans, blame everyone else. Those who talk about their electoral mandate must deliver the leadership that electoral mandate demands – no ifs or buts.”


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