Time to stop skimming the surface on racism

Alliance Party Victims’ Spokesperson Eileen Bell has said that segregation must be overcome if we are to tackle the scourge of racism effectively.

Speaking at a seminar on the subject hosted by the British Council in Belfast, the North Down MLA stated: “Other parties pay lip service to the problem while allowing our segregated society to fester. Only once we have integrated services and integrated facilities and a political system based on common interests will we be able to get rid of our appalling reputation as the racist capital of Western Europe.

“Racism stems from the same point as sectarianism – a society divided into communities where mutual distrust can too easily become mutual loathing. The usual ‘blame game’ simply will not suffice.

“We need to integrate all communities, and ensure that everyone living in Northern Ireland feels genuinely at home in Northern Ireland.

“It is time community leaders faced up to that honestly and responsibly.”


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