Time for Government to meet public desire for fairer and more green society, says Farry

It is now time for the UK Government and Executive to met the public desire for a fairer, localised and more green society, Alliance MP Stephen Farry has said.

Dr Farry was speaking after the publication of a report by the Westminster All-Party Group on a Green New Deal, a group of which the North Down MP is treasurer. The report, entitled Reset and which heard from over 55,000 people, looked at what a post-COVID society and economy will look like, discovering a public desire for a fairer, greener, kinder society after the pandemic.

“This report is a step towards building a better future,” said Dr Farry.

“It demonstrates people across the UK support the type of society that parties such as Alliance are trying to create – one for all people and which prioritises secure, fair employment and the climate crisis.

“Alongside my fellow MPs in the Green New Deal Group, I will be translating this report into concrete actions and policies which we will present to the UK Government next month. We have no time to waste, and the Government must accelerate action, as we face an even greater crisis in climate change.

“This type of transformation requires a whole society and whole economy approach. The Government must move on from politics of populism and division, and instead deliver for all people. This must involve a Green New Deal and new economic opportunities.

“I also urge the Executive to implement the findings of this report at a devolved level.”