Time for Gildernew to stop knee-jerk and panic reactions – Ford

Alliance Leader David Ford has condemned Agriculture Minister Michelle Gildernew for yet another knee-jerk reaction over her plans to sell off public lands to finance the nutrient management scheme. Her comments came during today’s Assembly Agriculture Committee.

David Ford, Alliance Agriculture Spokesperson, said: “This is yet another knee-jerk reaction from our new Agriculture Minister Michelle Gildernew.

“The sell-off of Crossnacreevy smacks of panic from DARD, rather than of any long-term plan.

“If there is to be a rationalisation of land ownership, it needs to be done in a sensible, coherent way – not rushed through to raise money.

“Coming in the face of the modulation proposals yesterday which were not much better than what was announced during direct rule, it is two body blows in two days.

“One wonders what the minister will announce tomorrow.”


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