Time for fairness in Skerries – Alliance

Alliance Skerries by election candidate, Barney Fitzpatrick has stated that for fairness and value for money local people should vote for Alliance on Wednesday 13 December. Barney was runner-up in Skerries in last year’s full council election. The by-election was forced by Ulster Unionists, after they prevented Barney from being co-opted onto Coleraine Borough Council following the resignation of Dessie Stewart after he pleaded guilty to vote fraud.

Barney Fitzpatrick stated: “The people of Skerries want fairness following the electoral fraud of former DUP Councillor Dessie Stewart and they want value for money after the Ulster Unionists forced an unnecessary election two weeks before Christmas at the cost of up to £15,000.

“Local people were appalled by former DUP Councillor Dessie Stewart’s vote fraud and I believe they deserve a councillor who will act fairly and work hard for everyone. We do not get involved in tribalism and we fight sectarianism at every turn.

“In any sporting contest, if the winner is disqualified the runner-up get the prize. This did not happen as the Ulster Unionists blocked the fair option and forced a costly by-election which the public will have to pay for.

“The Alliance Team in Skerries has had an overwhelming response over the past few months. Many people who previously voted for other parties are voting Alliance this time because they want to see fairness delivered in this election.”


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