Time for all-party group on autism to ensure more funding for services

Alliance Party Assembly Member Kieran McCarthy has called for an all-party group to be formed to deliver the best services for people with autism in Northern Ireland. He stated that the government currently has no coherent strategy on autism and they must act to ring fence more funding for services. The future strategy for services for people with autism is to be discussed this afternoon in the Assembly

Strangford MLA, Kieran McCarthy said: “We want to create a cross-party group on autism to make sure that all parties would be committed to providing more funding for services. I told Autism NI that I would do all in my power to get this all-party group set up.

“The instance of autism is increasing in Northern Ireland. Action to provide for this increase must be taken urgently, as the government does not have an adequate strategy for Northern Ireland.

“Its time that the government had a real and coherent strategy to provide good services for people with autism. We want ring-fenced funding to ensure that there will always be enough funding to provide top class services.

“We signed up to a pledge to provide extra funding last year and we must now signal our clear intentions to provide this funding the moment the Executive is formed. It is our duty to do the best we can for people with autism in Northern Ireland.

“I would like to pay tribute to Autism NI in all the hard work they have carried out to help improve services for local people.”


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