Time for airlines to pay pollution tax so we can scrap passenger tax

Alliance Sustainability Spokesperson Cllr Alan Lawther has stated that in order to protect the environment, airlines must be charged a green tax on emissions. He also stated that the introduction emission tax would mean that passenger tax could be scrapped.

The Antrim Councillor stated: “The airline industry as a whole must take responsibility for the pollution it causes and we need more pressure to be put on polluters and the airline industry as a whole.

“Aircraft both freight and passenger should be taxed on their emissions and passenger tax abolished. The airline industry has escaped its share of green taxes up to now and this is an innovative solution with the right incentives for the industry to perform.

“With the current passenger tax, there is no incentive for airline companies to be environmentally friendly.

“When you look at the overall transport position it is obvious that there is no coherent government strategy. The government has let the cost of motoring keep below inflation by abandoning the fuel tax escalator while the cost of rail tickets recently soared.

“These measures all drive people back to their cars, a crazy situation where congestion is a big problem.

“On an important local note the increase in aircraft passenger tax may well jeopardise the business plans of Northern Ireland’s airports, giving Dublin an advantage. The cost of passenger tax alone to take a family of four return outside the EU will be £320.”


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