Time for 20mph limits for accident hotspots

Chair of Carrickfergus District Policing Partnership, Cllr Stewart Dickson has called for the piloting of 20mph speed limits at accident hotspots, saying they might help reduce road deaths.

Alliance Party Councillor Stewart Dickson said: “Its time we looked at more new and radical ways to tackling this blight on society. I believe that Northern Ireland should pilot a 20mph speed limit to see whether this can reduce injuries and fatalities.

“Reducing speed limits in known accident hotspots is a positive measure that would I believe help increase road safety. A 20 mph speed limit has already been piloted outside some schools and this initiative should be tested in other areas.

“One road death is one too many, and there’s always room for improvements on road safety. We need to be creative and be radical because anything that can save a life is worthwhile.”


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