Throw away the Megaphones and Start Talking: Bell

ALLIANCE Party Deputy Leader Eileen Bell MLA has called for an end to the “unproductive and unhelpful” megaphone diplomacy being carried out by certain political parties in Northern Ireland. Mrs Bell stated:

“If history has taught us anything over the last 35 years, it is the fact that the public ravings of some political leaders not only achieve nothing, but inevitably causes them to dig themselves into ever-deeper holes.

“There are enough difficulties to be overcome without Paisley, Adams, Robinson and McGuinness creating any more.

“We all know that pre-talks megaphone ‘diplomacy’ does nothing to help reach agreement. Such statements only demonstrate how they put their party before the people. As long as they further their sectional interests they don’t seem to care what damage they do to the possibility of a settlement, which is in everyone’s interest.

“Any future solution in Northern Ireland must involve all the main players coming to an agreement, some sort of compromise. If our public orators think they can achieve this while daily digging themselves deeper and deeper into large holes, they should think again?

“It has been widely forecast that the talks will end up at Leeds Castle in Kent. Wouldn’t it be better if all the politicians were transported there immediately, the drawbridge drawn up and all communication with the outside world cut off until a deal was made?

“Then we might get the politicians to address the problems without perpetually looking over their shoulders at everything and everybody – then we just might have a small chance of success.”

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