Threatened Ballyhackamore shops are vital to the village

Alliance Deputy Leader, Naomi Long MLA, has stated that the shops under threat in Ballyhackamore are the heart of the village. She stated that the shops must remain open, as over 40 people depend on them for their livelihood. Her comments come as it emerged that the row of shops owned by Lord Eames in East Belfast is up for sale and the shop owners’ bid to purchase them has been turned down.

The East Belfast Assembly Member stated: “I am extremely concerned by the prospect of

these shop owners potentially losing their livelihood. I hope that a satisfactory agreement can be reached so that these shops can remain open.

“These shops are the heart of the village and they provide a livelihood for more than 40 local people.

“I hope that at the very least, the leases for these shops are honoured by all parties. Even if the leases are honoured, these shops could still be under threat as many of the contracts are up within the next year. These shops must remain open as they provide much-needed services and are a focal point for the local community.”


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